Register of Public Sector Bodies 2022 – Provisional

CSO statistical publication, 20 April 2023

The central government sector (S.1311) includes all bodies established through political processes and for whose activities a Minister of government or other responsible person is accountable to the people through the Oireachtas.

This responsibility extends to the presentation of detailed audited annual accounts to the Oireachtas. Central government includes legislative, judicial and executive bodies established in this manner. The sector does not include public corporations or enterprises engaged in the production of commercial services or goods. The main categories of central government bodies are:

  • Departments of State including any additional voted expenditure under the aegis of the Minister; 
  • Extra-Budgetary Funds for which separate accounts are maintained and which are directly administered by departments; and
  • Bodies which are not departments but which are funded almost entirely from the Exchequer, are subject to controls and may be regarded as extensions of government departments.

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