Replanting Order 02.22, Muckanagh, Co. Leitrim, and Felling Licence GFL 21113

AIE 23/290

Information which led to the issuing of Replanting Order 02.22 Muckanagh, Co. Leitrim.

Information to include, but not restricted to;
a) Investigations and Reports
b) Internal and External Correspondence (all media, including Text and WhatsApp Messages, Notes of Phone Calls, etc.)
c) Photographs
d) AA Screening / AA Report / Determination
e) EIA Screening
f) Environmental Impact Statement

2. Information in relation to Felling Licence GFL 21113.

Information to include, but not restricted to;
a. Application and Licence
b. Maps, including BIO Maps
c. Consultations, Submissions & Objections
d. Harvest Plan, including drafts
e. EIA and AA screening reports: AA Report / Determination
f. Reports, including Investigations, Site Reports, Screenings, Monitoring, Laboratory Reports, Environmental Surveys, Inspector’s Reports, etc., including records from Inspector’s field notebook.
g. Records of any associated Forest Road licences.
h. Internal and External Correspondence

The Milford Partnership

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