Northern Ireland Environmental Statistics Report 2023

Water and Marine
• In 2022 soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) was measured at 93 surveillance rivers across Northern Ireland giving an average concentration of 0.073 mg/l of phosphorus per litre of water.
• Of the twenty-five inshore coastal waterbodies delineated in Northern Ireland, 13 (52 per cent) have been assessed at good or better ecological condition.
• In 2022, there were 1,535 water pollution incidents reported, of which 676 (44 per cent) were substantiated (confirmed) as having an impact on the water quality of the receiving waterway

In 2022, Farming (29 per cent), accounted for the largest proportion of substantiated incidents investigated by NIEA, followed by Other (21 per cent), Domestic (18 per cent), Industry (18 per cent), Northern Ireland Water Ltd (14 per cent) and Transport (1 per cent).

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