AIE Request: NPWS Management Board Minutes 2020-2023


NPWS Management Board

Niall Ó Donnchú (NÓD), Ainle Ni Bhriain (ANB), Andy Bleasdale (AB), Catriona Ryan (CR),
Ciara Carberry (CC), Malachy Corcoran (MC), Sorcha de Brúch (SDB), Suzanne Nally (SN), Maryellen
Sacco Power (MSP).

ARC Steering Group

Conservation Measures Projects

Red Bog SAC

Consents currently in place for the NHA within Lough Corrib SAC

Working group to respond to the ARO on Peatlands

Nature Restoration Law

Designations Unit will meet with Deirdre Lynn to discuss the European Biodiversity Strategy pledges.

Corncrake Life will be extended and brought into NPWS as an ongoing project

NPWS in the lead on the Nature Restoration Law, needs to be resourced with an interdepartmental subcommittee

Sarah Farrell from Legal unit to present to the Management Board on the work of the legal unit

monthly biodiversity water synergy meeting

Seamus Hassett vice chair of the Wildlife Crime Committee

Update Due to the Commission for the infringement case, a working group will be established for actions on blanket bogs.

Ban of leadshot over wetlands, agreed to go with map 1

Boora Grey Partridge Project

Paul Cassidy attended the meeting and presented on his work to update the Wildlife Act.

Review of Working Groups

An update to the response for the Additional Reasoned Opinion on the Peatlands case has issued to the European Commission.

Nominees from each directorate for the Wildlife Crime Committee

Terms of reference for the Cross Directorate Committee on Blanket Bog were passed

Approval was given to start the process to designate Lough Conn as a Nature Reserve

Query from Marine Envt on designating marine SACs as OSPAR protected areas

Policy issues (national level)
– Nature Restoration Law
– Additional Reasoned Opinion on Peatlands Infringement Case
– Red Bog SAC 397 Reply from the Commission

Measures Case

Designation pledges under the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030

Presentation: SNaP, Claire Cooper and Rebecca Jeffrey

SNaP Cross Directorate Team


GIS and Biodiversity Data Requirements Form/Process

Significant cross-cutting matters
– SDF inconsistency with the SSCOs
– SNaP and Conservation Actions for Lagoons

– Secondment National Experts – Priorities 2023
– Coillte Draft Scope and Actions for 2023
– Analysis of NPWS v- ortho imagery

– Package Meeting 27/04
– Coillte meeting attendance and date
– Peatland Rehabilitation TRA Conference

Significant cross-cutting matters
– Note from DG Environment in relation to renewable energy
– ARC Guidance

Proposed UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
L. Ree & Environs

Peregrine Wild Take Draw 2023

From records held in WLU there are approximately 230 peregrine falcons (or hybrids) held by falconers in Ireland.

Burren National Park Visitor Centre

Business Case for the establishment of a Corncrake/Traonach Conservation Programme as part of the Corncrake/Traonach Post-LIFE plan

Conservation Measures Unit

NPWS AP Workshop

Annex II Bird Species on Open Seasons Order
NPWS Management Board

Strategic Action Plan for the renewal of the NPWS 2022-2024

Mid- South Division
Nenagh 01/11/2022

Management Board Presentation

Strategic Nature Project (SNaP) Ireland Application
Presentation to NPWS Management Board
Claire Cooper / Rebecca Jeffrey

Proposal from Ecological Assessment Unit to engage in the TAIEX-Environmental Implementation Review (EIR) Peer 2 Peer Scheme

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