Derryarogue Bog – Cutaway Bog Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Plan 2023

The majority of Derryarogue is cutaway and has a pumped drainage system

Derryarogue Bog has a pumped drainage regime with four pumps within the PCAS footprint extent

Numerous power lines cross the site and are in place to power the surface water drainage pumps that are located across the bog. The bog is likely to develop wetland habitats if pumping is stopped

Bord na Móna are planning to develop a potential renewable energy project at Derryarogue Bog as part of the proposed Derryadd Wind Farm. This wind farm project is in pre-planning Bord na Móna Derryarogue Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Plan 2023 and is expected to be submitted for planning permission in 2023.

The PCAS rehabilitation footprint does not overlap wind generation infrastructure

The remaining area at Derryarogue (the proposed wind farm area) will be rehabilitated either in association with the proposed Derryadd Wind Farm Project, with peatland rehabilitation integrated into the proposed project, or will be completed in the event of an unsuccessful planning application.

Areas subject to turf cutting are excluded

Article 6 (3) Appropriate Assessment Screening Report

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