National Enforcement Priorities Progress Report 2022: Monaghan Co Co


Farm Inspections

173 inspections in 2022

72 warning letters issued

5 Section 12s issued

6 farms cross reported to DAFM

Note: in 2022 a significant amount of work went into recording all inspections on the New EPA Reporting on Farm Inspections excel sheet.

Reasons for selection:

After selecting the waterbodies for focus, the EPA PIP maps, the DAFM LPIS (2019) data and local knowledge was used to further prioritise and to select farms for inspections focusing on the critical source areas and the significant issues in each waterbody. This was then followed by a catchment walkover to ground truth any queries arising and prepare for the inspections.

IFI have a significant local knowledge in the Gentle Owens-20, IFI and MCC completed the catchment walkover in this waterbody

Section 4 Discharge Licences

Monaghan County Council identified 3 quarry facilities that are operational and may require a S4 licence. At present there is only 1 quarry in the county that has a S4 licence and under this project it is intended to progress the licence of all quarries that have an active discharge.

Domestic WWT

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