AIE case on access to records from Coillte on Meenbog landslide

Case: OCE-116966-W8P0M5


Coillte refused to release all 52 documents

Investigator identified additional documents during the review, which Coillte had not included in the original 52 documents they identified

The investigator considered submissions from nine 3rd parties in addition to Coillte

Scope of request

Records relating to alleged unauthorised development for planning purposes

Overturned Coillte decision to refuse release of more general peatslide records that do not related specifically to the Meenbog landslide, as such a narrow interpretation would undermine AIE Regs

Coillte argued that a peatslide from a windfarm into a river is not ’emissions’ for the purposes of an AIE request

Is a peatslide an emission?

Peat is an emission

Course of justice refusual

Coillte identified the agencies that might investigate

None of the agencies identified by Coillte foresaw any legal actions

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