Lough Funshinagh: FOI Requests

FOI of previous FOIs from Roscommon CoCo FOI Disclosure Log

Copy of record sought previously under FOI 946 i.e. Flood Analysis Report (5th March 2021) prepared by Malachy Walsh and Partners.

Schedule of Records in respect of FOI 1171 which provides a summary and overview of my decision on this request. This schedule describes each of the 10 records that were relevant to the request and highlights whether access to each of these records was fully or part granted.

Records released on foot of FOI 1171. Access was fully granted to all 10 records with the exception of records numbered 2 and 8.  Access to the redacted parts of records numbered 2 and 8 was refused under Section 37(1)  of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 on the grounds that access to these parts of the records would involve the disclosure of personal information. 

In relation to record numbered 2, the redacted parts concern material contained on pages 5 and 6 and within appendices 5 and 7 of the External Safety and Health Prequalification Questionnaire for Duty Holder Role; Roscommon County Council – Project Lough Funshinagh, Rahara, Co. Roscommon. This information is considered personal as it related to individual employee training records. In relation to record numbered 8 the redacted parts concern personal information relating to third party submissions.

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