ALAB Board

CHAIRPERSONMs Imelda Reynolds
BOARD MEMBERSMr Michael Mulloy
John Evans
Bill Sweeney
Micheál Ó Cinnéide
John Ward

Legal basis: Fisheries (Amendment) Act 1997, s. 22
Maximum Number of Positions: 7
Gender Balance Numbers: Female (1), Male (6)
Gender Balance Percentage: Female (14%), Male (86%)

NameFirst AppointedReappointedExpiry DatePosition typeBasis of appointment
Bill Sweeney17/07/201916/07/2024Board MemberNominated by a prescribed organisation
Imelda Reynolds01/04/201401/04/201931/03/2024ChairAppointed by the Minister
John Evans17/07/201916/07/2024Board MemberNominated by a prescribed organisation
John Ward12/06/202011/06/2025Board MemberNominated by a prescribed organisation
Michael Mulloy06/06/201805/06/2023Board MemberAppointed by the Minister
Michael Sweeney13/07/200901/01/201831/12/2022Board MemberNomination from a prescribed body
Michéal Ó Cinnéide17/07/201916/07/2024Board MemberNominated by a prescribed organisation

Note: prescribed body that Michael Sweeney is nominated from, reappointed since 2009

Recent Parliamentary Questions regarding ALAB

The staffing resource provided by the Department to ALAB has increased significantly over recent years.Following a request from the Chairperson, a permanent technical advisor was appointed to ALAB with effect from 18th October 2020, the dedicated technical advice resource is assisting the Board in the timely processing of appeals. In addition to this, the numbers of administrative staff currently assigned to the ALAB secretariat has also increased in recent years and the current staffing is as set out below.

ALAB Secretariat Staff 2021

1 x HEO Secretary to the Board- (Full time) *

1 x HEO Technical advisor to the Board

1 x Executive Officer (Full Time)

1 x Clerical Officer (Full Time)

1 x Clerical Officer (Part Time)

The Board is comprised of 7 members

*Under Section 32 of the Act, an officer of the Minister who is an established civil servant and who is seconded to the Board for that purpose, either on a whole-time or part-time basis, shall act as Secretary to the Board.

Note: EIA into ALAB on stocking level data, plus FOI in on non publication of ALAB FOI Disclosure Logs

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