BIM Annual Aquaculture Survey 2019

Statistics on production, price and employment in the primary aquaculture sector in 2019 based on annual survey of all licensed aquaculture producers

Salmon remains the most economically significant aquaculture sector in 2018 with production at 12,000 tonnes.

Salmon is mostly exported to the EU, with lesser volumes going to North America and the Near and Far East. Employment in this sector at primary production sites, increased by 18% despite output decreasing in 2018. There are up to 464 directly employed in
the sector.

Structures and Production Cycle

Offshore-exposed circular plastic cages of 20,000 metre cube capacity, are used. The production cycle is from 9 to 18 months depending on market size requirements. Smolts are transferred in spring to on-growing sites, then to finishing sites in preparation for harvesting. Maximum national production capacity is around 20,000 tonnes

The sector is capital intensive, with the greatest cost normally being feed which stood at €19.6 million in 2018.

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