Forestry grants, fences, deer fences and planting tubes

Applications for afforestation usually contain a fencing map (example below) 

The Pre-approval Submission (example below) contains details of the proposed type of fencing (and other useful information which may include the use of plastic planting tubes).  

It should be possible to submit an AIE on the Fencing maps and Pre-approval Submissions for all afforestation applications made under the Forestry Programme 2014-2020


– this would be applications rather than approvals.

– could be further refined to cases where deer fencing is involved

– including a request for the status update on the application will show if the application was approved, and if planting has commenced or been completed

– details may have changed from what was applied for

– then simply map all locations in GIS against sensitive habitats

– Forestry Service system documents applications for grant payments which includes details of what works were actually undertaken. DAFM are reluctant to release these. There is a current case in with the Commissioner on release of this data

– grants for plastic planting tubes are built into the overall afforestation grant packages, so It is unlikely that data / mapping on use of tubes would be feasible. 

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