GIS dataset for Forest Roads funded by DAFM

Mapping data is available on request from the Forestry Service (part of DAFM)

DAFM require a signed data agreement to prevent publication.

So instead of simply asking for the data, submit an AIE Application for the data to the Forest Service via

These restrictive data agreements are one way that Departments keep environmental and agri environmental data out of the public domain. Plus they are likely in breach of the Open Data Directive which came into force in Ireland in July 2021


– For Forest Road upgrades there is no requirement for consent from the Forest Service

– The above applies to most if not all forestry data (and indeed many other structured datasets and maps. Generally asking (the official way to request GIS data/maps etc) takes four weeks, and there is no option to appeal a refusal. So anyways submit an AIE alongside asking, as it also takes four weeks (or eight if goes to Internal Review)

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