Annaghbeg Bog NHA

Annaghbeg Bog NHA is located 5 km south-east of Ahascragh, mostly in the townlands of Addergoole West, Addergoole North, Gortbrackmoor and Annaghbeg in Co. Galway.

The site comprises a raised bog that includes both areas of high bog and cutover bog.

Current landuses on the site include peat-cutting and agriculture. Active peat-cutting is taking place in the west and south of the site. The cutting in the south seems to be more intensive and commercial. Areas of cutover all around the bog have been reclaimed for agriculture and much of the grassland seems to have been improved. Damaging activities associated with these landuses include drainage throughout the site and burning of the high bog. All these activities have resulted in the loss of habitat, damage to the hydrological status of the site, and pose a continuing threat to its viability.

Annaghbeg Bog NHA is a site of considerable conservation significance

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