Peat was cut at 280 plots in protected bogs last year without State consent

Noteworthy analysis reveals cutting has frequently taken place at 30 protected sites over the past decade despite clear prohibitions since 2011.

Following a deep analysis of the NPWS data and dozens of State files on individual protected bogs, the latest article in Noteworthy’s PEAT SAKE series, reveals how:

  • Peat-cutting continues to be a widespread issue across the raised bog network, with cutting frequently taking place in 30 protected sites since 2012
  • No ministerial consents have been granted by the State to allow for peat extraction in any of the protected raised bog network sites
  • NPWS records show that limited restoration work was undertaken until the late 2010s, with decades of peat cutting threatening the future prospects of various bogs
  • There was a 12- to 18-year gap between sites being designated for protection and detailed conservation objectives being drawn up to ensure raised bogs are protected.

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