Irish Water Top 26 Water Treatment Plants – Assessment Report

Author: John Leamy – Drinking Water Compliance Lead – Irish Water

Date: 26/11/21

Note: FOI request was submitted for the actual audit reports on 20 of these 26 sites, which was sent to Internal Review on 14/1/22, but no individual audit reports were produced by Irish Water, aside from one on Lough Mask WTP (Tourmakeady WTP)


1. Free chlorine (high & low alarms/inhibits)

2. pH (high & low alarms/inhibits),

3. Settled Turbidity (high alarm),

4. Individual Filter turbidity (high alarm/inhibit)

5. Final water turbidity (high alarm/inhibit)

6. UV system (alarms/inhibits)

Q: Are the chlorine dosing alarms are in place for both high and low levels of chlorine ?

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