Freshwater Pearl Mussel: key pressures identified for each prioritised FPM catchment

Source: SEA Report on FPM sub basin plans (2010), extracted by Jo Naughton


  • this data is from 2010, so will need updates
  • AIE submitted to LAWPRO for any unpublished reports on the above catchments (AIE submitted 16/1/22
  • where on-site WWTP is a pressure, there may also be a water abstraction issue
  • abstraction is noted as a key pressure, along with waste water treatment plants
  • the following data is available for mapping overlay: 2021 sheep and cattle census, forestry approvals database, forestry maps, river barriers atlas, quarries, section 4 licences (which may include WWTP discharge licences), and non-drinking water abstraction points
  • the following data is not in the public domain: drinking water related abstraction points, and current/legacy peatland drainage/extraction activities

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