Upper Tolka Priority Area for Action Desktop Report


The Upper Tolka PAA covers an area of approximately 103.5km2 and includes the towns of Mulhuddart, Clonee and Dunboyne. The total land area included in the PAA is based upon the combined catchment areas of the upper section of the Tolka river and its incoming tributaries.

Kepak Clonee, Clonee, Co. Meath (Industrial Emissions Licence Register No. P0167-02)

Several high profile issues from the Kepac Clonee facility and Irish Water in recent years

Septic tank systems are deemed a significant pressure in two of the PAA waterbodies; the DUNBOYNE STREAM_010 and the TOLKA_010

Several farms identified with silage effluent flowing directly into stream and other farmyard issues.

Cattle access to river

Storm water overflows

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