Moynalty Priority Area for Action Desktop Report


The Moynalty Priority Area for Action (PAA) is located in north-west County Meath, approximately eight km’s north of Kells, near the border with County Cavan.

The PAA covers an area of approximately 161km2 and includes the towns of Moynalty and Mullagh. Within the PAA, there are two rivers: the Borora or Moynalty River and the Mullagh River along with several large tributaries.

The PAA is bordered to the north by the Kilmainham Dee PAA, which is considered in a separate report

Main issues:

• Agriculture: Pasture & farmyards
• Hydro-morphology: Channelization
• Industry: PO236-02
• Urban wastewater: Mullagh WWTP and Carlanstown WWTP

The Boyne Arterial Drainage Scheme, may have resulted in modifications to the natural profile of the river. This can remove the natural habitat of sensitive fauna and alter the natural course of the river. Altering the natural course of a river results in river bank erosion, destabilisation and the loss of fine sediment to the river.

Licensed facility PO236-02 is located on the MOYNALTY_030. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have highlighted this as a significant pressure on the river

Company Name: Wellman International Ltd.

Licence Number: PO236-02

Address: Mullagh, Kells, Co. Meath

Class of Activity1: 8.4 Manufacture of Synthetic Fibres

For the latest on Wellman Intrenational see EPA RSS feed:

In the Borora river, the nutrient phosphate is the main concern

A wastewater treatment plant (D0252-01) is located on the MULLAGH LOUGH STREAM_010. Analysis of water chemistry upstream and downstream of the plant indicates that the facility is have a significant negative impact on water quality. The main issues identified are increases in stream phosphate and biological oxygen demand (BOD) downstream of the wastewater treatment plant

For the latest on the Mullagh WWTP see EPA RSS feed:

Hydromorphology (Channelization) is an issue in areas of this catchment (impact of drainage works). It is a significant pressure on three of the PAA waterbodies

Map of OPW drainage network (Boyne Arterial Drainage Scheme).

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