AIE Request: to the Forest Service of DAFM on Birds Directive

In respect of the activities and responsibilities of the Forest Service of DAFM

1)   Records of the requisite measures established for a general system of protection under Article 5 of the Birds Directive for all species of wild birds prohibiting in particular

(a) deliberate killing or capture by any method;

(b) deliberate destruction of, or damage to, their nests and eggs or removal of their nests;

(d) deliberate disturbance of these birds particularly during the period of breeding and rearing, in so far as disturbance would be significant having regard to the objectives of this Directive;

2)   Records of any system/s of derogation from the provisions of Article 5 applied under Article 9 of the Birds Directive, where there is no other satisfactory solution, for the following reasons:

(a) — in the interests of public health and safety,

— in the interests of air safety,

— to prevent serious damage to crops, livestock, forests, fisheries and water,

— for the protection of flora and fauna;

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