Bleach & Lough Graney Priority Area for Action Desktop Report

March 2020


The PAA is located within the Shannon- Graney/Scarriff margaratifera sensitive area (i.e. catchment with previous records of margaritifera but current status unknown).

Land use is mainly forestry. Forestry is the sole significant pressure on this waterbody.

The significant issue impacting on water quality prior to the 2014 decline is likely to have been sediment and the significant pressure was forestry (probably felling, given the low level nutrient peaks observed).
Lough Graney (At Risk)

Moderate ecological status since monitoring commenced in 2007. Status is driven by macrophytes.

Land use in the sub-basin is mainly agriculture with some forestry to the west and north. Agriculture, and forestry are likely the significant pressures on this lake.

The significant issue impacting on water quality is most likely to be phosphorus.

Stream walks are required to identify whether pathways exist between forested areas and the river/its tributaries

Additional information requirements

Talk to Forest Service staff to obtain more detailed information on felling, particularly in the Bleach_010 headwaters during the period Summer 2012 to Summer 2014.

Also obtain information on aerial fertilization programmes undertaken here in the past.

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