Inny Priority Area for Action Desktop Report

Jan 2020


All four waterbodies have deteriorated since the first WFD cycle, dropping from good to moderate ecological status. As such they are At Risk of not meeting their WFD objectives (good status).

It is not evident what the significant issues are.

The semi-natural habitat in the area is open heath and blanket bog; however, much of the land has been converted to forestry, pasture and peat extraction. There are also four licensed quarries in the area and a fish farm in Ballinskelligs Bay (Marine Harvest).

Drainage associated with pasture, afforestation and peat extraction and phosphate release from agriculture and forest clear felling are potential pressures. As a result, the main issues are likely to be siltation of the channel bed and enrichment by phosphate (P) (and potentially nitrogen also).

Two water bodies are failing to meet their protected area objectives for salmon.

Potential source is fertiliser applications to reclaimed land along the river channel and phosphate release from recent felling

The areas of highest potential for diffuse phosphate runoff are ‘improved’ agricultural lands that occur on alluvial soils along the main river channel and localised areas of poorly draining mineral soils throughout the catchment

Drainage associated with pasture, afforestation and peat extraction is causing hydromorphological changes.

Potential for diffuse phosphate from agriculture and forest clear-felling.

Group Water abstractions

(Maulin PWSS 066H); River WB abstraction (Maulin PWSS 066H)

Last EPA audit for Maulin water abstrction was 2015–enforcement/drinking-water/audit-reports/kerry/maulin-public-drinking-water-supply.php


QY 135 (now closed), Foilmore Quarries Ltd, Keelnagore, Cahersiveen, Kerry ( location: 51.936653546978974, -10.105066567681178 )

QS-0132 maybe mistake, as listed as concrete operations in Monaghan, (also on map as 01302 which is not on EPA quarry register)

QS 01251 Derreennageeha, Kerry

QY 036 Dromaragh, Waterville, Kerry

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