State Land Database (Beta version)

The State Land Database will be a comprehensive, live, interactive WebMap showing all State-owned lands. This will allow for better management of the State’s assets, support transparency, optimise land usage and assist in greater strategic planning and urban regeneration.

This database will provide the LDA with a tool to identify lands suitable for housing development and assist in greater communication between state bodies to allow for larger strategic developments.

To do this the LDA is working with the PRAI, OPW, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, OSi and numerous other state bodies to compile a complete State Asset Database.

It will highlight the physical characteristics, the current use and the zoning of each state asset. It will also show how well serviced each site is in terms of transport, utilities and community facilities, to assist the LDA in providing affordable accommodation where it is most needed.

Below is the beta version of our map showing our first look at the state lands throughout the country. We have asked the PRAI to look up all registered properties for a number of State land owners, which has resulted in almost 60,000 folios. We have these highlighted on this WebMap along with a focused look at Galway and Waterford cities, where we have taken a closer look to find some non-registered state lands.

This Web Map shows a fraction of the total state assets, we will continue to search for registered and non-registered state owned properties and update this map as the information comes available.

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