Waterways Ireland: Approvals for Water Abstraction from Canals

​​​​​​Anyone wishing to abstract water from a navigation requires approval from Waterways Ireland.

Due to restrictions on the availability of water for the canals Waterways Ireland in principal does not favour new water abstractions from the Royal Canal, Grand Canal or the Barrow line of the Grand Canal.

Permission when granted is normally by way of a licence with an annual charge based on the amount of water abstracted.


AIE: list of current water abstractions licensed by Waterways Ireland, with :

  • Licensee
  • Location of abstraction
  • Brief description of abstraction including specific details regarding the intended use and proposed amount to be abstracted
  • Details of any environment or heritage impact studies for the abstractions including appropriate information on the nature of the proposed facility, the physical and chemical characteristics of the proposed discharge, if any, and a hydrological assessment of the potential impacts of the abstraction on the hydrology of the watercourse, particularly during low flows
  • If applicable, the detail, location and nature of any pollution prevention measures related to the abstraction

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