Glanbia, Belview

Sanitary and process effluent lines are combined within the site and discharge through one discharge point SE2 (264630E, 113104N) to sewer. Stormwater is discharged from the stormwater/firewater retention pond to the 450mm IDA storm drain at SW1 which runs to the Gorteens Stream and then to the River Suir at a maximum rate of 37.5 Us. There are no discharges to groundwater.

A raw milk silo overflowed on 22/7/2021 and milk entered the stormwater drains and stormwater retention pond. This was notified to the Agency at the time (Ref INCI021390). During the site visit the stormwater retention pond was empty following cleaning after the incident. A pipe was observed entering the pond downgradient of SW2. Licence condition 6.4.13 requires that no stormwater be discharged to the pond downgradient of SW2.

The impermeable hardstand beneath the sludge storage area is not sufficiently extensive areally to capture all potential run-off from this area for diversion to the onsite wastewater treatment plant. This was raised during the last site visit on 25/10/2019. Additionally a gap in the bund which surrounds the wastewater treatment system was observed during this visit. The licensee indicated that upgrade works to the WWTP are planned in the coming months

Q: site drainage / discharge maps not on EPA website ?

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