Forestry Licence Application Viewer

Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine’s Forestry Licence Application Viewer.

The Forestry Licence Viewer (FLV) is an interactive mapping application which displays recent forestry licence information at a Parcel level and a Licence level.

The FLV presents details for the following licence types

  • Afforestation
  • Public Woodlands
  • Forest Roads
  • Private Clearfell and Thinning
  • Coillte Clearfell
  • Coillte Thinning

Each licence type has a dedicated licence layer, which can be turned on or off using the Layers control section of the website.

New applications for forestry licences received from 11th January, 2021 have documentation displayed in the FLV.

Application documentation is visible when the application is advertised and open for public consultation.

Submissions will be available to view when they are received and processed.

Decisions made on applications received from 11th January, 2021 may be viewed in the FLV as they become available, along with any assessments and supporting documentation used to arrive at the decision.

The analytics tab gives top level data on licences / parcels:

Click Top Right on the app to see recent licence applications


How to search across all documents in a licence (generally user needs to open up to 12 separate pdf documents to see all the related paperwork)

How to search/list all licences relevant to a catchment / subcatchment ? eg show all the licences and related referral letters for Graney_010 sub catchment ?

When assessing applications for licences, the Forest Service consults with a number of consultation bodies. How to easily identify whether Forest Service have included the views of the consultation bodies (eg NPWS, IFI or local authorities) or diverged from them ?

How to link the Forestry Licence Application Viewer with related Coillte harvesting plans ?

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