Ballyneety Quarry, Limerick

Roadstone Provinces Ltd

A warning letter under Section 152(1) of the Planning and Development Act 2000 as amended has been sent to Roadstone Provinces Ltd, Saggart, Co Dublin for “non compliance with condition no 1 attached to Quarry Registration and conditions no’s 2 and 18 attached to planning permission reference at Luddenbeg, Ballyneety, Co Limerick.”

The “non compliance” with conditions that the council refers to in its “warning letter” are:

1. The area subject to registration is outlined in red on the attached map. Any development outside this area will require the benefit of planning permission. All relevant conditions from permission 06 3689 to apply.

The reason for this is “in the interests of clarity”.

2. The permission is for a period of six years from the date of this order. No further extraction shall be permitted without a prior grant of planning permission and the restoration of the site shall be completed to the satisfaction of the planning authority within one year of the cessation of extraction works.

The reason is “in the interest of clarity having regard to the nature of the proposed development and to ensure satisfactory reinstatement of the site having regard to visual amenity”.

18. Before development commences a monitoring programme regarding noise, dust and water quality shall be agreed in writing with the planning authority for the duration of the extraction period. Independent environmental auditors approved by the planning authority shall carry out this programme, which shall be at the developers expense and made available  to the public for inspection at all reasonable hours at a location to be agreed with the planning authority.

The reason for this is “in the interest of residential amenity”.

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