AIE Request: mapping national septic tank inspections

Under the AIE Regs to request the following dataset of geographic locations of national septic tank inspections

As per EPA website

The following link (as above) is a dataset that “represents the site locations of Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems where inspections have been carried out under the National Inspection Plan.

These locations have been captured by Local Authority Inspectors as part of the process of logging inspection details within the Domestic Waste Water Application. My understanding is the dataset is used by EPA to create various pdf reports but the actual GIS data does not appear to be in the public domain.

Statement on the dataset suggests that the locations in this dataset are captured using an integrated map part within the Domestic Waste Water Application whereby the Inspector selects the location on the map. Alternatively, the Inspector can enter the coordinates manually at which point the application then displays the location on the map for verification.

Download data here:

Sample data

Data refused

Co-ordinates of the locations of the inspections

Townland where inspection took place

Waste Water Disposal ID (*unclear what this is)

System Design PE (*unclear what this is)

Shared System (*unclear what this is)

Total Contributing PE

Number Linked Properties

Shape GIS Details

EPA grounds for refusal:

The factors in favour of withholding this information are:
• Right to privacy
• Right to privacy of third parties
• Public Interest in protecting the ability of public bodies to carry out their functions and to be able to communicate effectively.

Request for Internal Review: based on the following submissions

  • environmental data should be published by default, particularly locations of pollution inspections
  • public interest in an open and transparent national septic tank inspection regime
  • adjoining properties have a right to know, as could adversely impact their lands, water supplies, farm payments etc
  • location of environmental hazards is absolutely core to AIE process (threats to human health and safety)
  • EPA approach to redacting environmental enforcement data undermines the local authority process of enforcement inspections

Request internal review: 25/2/22

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