AIE Request: OEE Waste Crime Project Sites

Under the AIE Regs to request the following dataset OEE Waste Crime Project Sites

Resource identifier is AM.IE.EPA.WST_IllegalWasteSites

This is a points dataset of locations logged in Excel by Local Authorities in the OEE waste crime project. The Excel, held by OEE, has all the locations logged by LA’s.

Data refused:

Site Location address


Status of Enforcement Action

Shp file (GIS mapping data)

Refusal to release mapping data based on:

The factors in favour of withholding this information are:
• Right to privacy
• Right to privacy of third parties
• Public Interest in protecting the ability of public bodies to carry out their functions and to be able to communicate effectively.

Requested review 25/5/22

Download the data here:

Sample data

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