AIE Request: Coillte Felling, Operational Monitoring and Environmental Risk Assessments (LM02-FL0026, Co. Leitrim)

Complaint of water quality arising from Forestry Felling at Derrynahimmirk, Co. Leitrim

Complaint number: EMIS 15723

Complaint received from Rural Water in relation to contamination of drinking water (well supply) supply serving 3 houses and land connection, contamination possible because of works on nearby forestry.

The Derrynahimmirk stream is a map marked watercourse and is hydrologically connected to the Lough Melvin SAC.

The Derrynahimmirk stream rises from agricultural land to South and discharges through the felled zone where, beyond the forestry site, it converges with the Glenaniff River before discharging to Lough Melvin. Due to the Glenaniff River’s drop from High to Good Status it forms part of the Blue Dot Catchments Programme, a collaborative initiative for the protection and restoration of rivers and lakes that have deteriorated since the 1st River basin management cycle in 2007

Leitrim County Council served Section 12 Water Pollution Notice on Coillte

“(1) All information held by or for Coillte related to Tree Felling Licence LM02-FL0026, Co. Leitrim generated post issue of the licence. This includes correspondence with DAFM, Contractors, Local Authority, Stakeholders and other relevant parties. It also includes Operational Monitoring Records.

In addition
2) Environmental Risk Assessments carried out including any site inspection reports.”


Coillte’s self-assessment Operational Monitoring Records indicate 100% audit compliance.

Leitrim Country Council’s site inspection report indicates otherwise.

The Council inspection resulted in a Section 12 Water Pollution Notice being served.

The site is hydrologically connected to Lough Melvin SAC.

Coillte did not identify or report this issue. It stemmed from local complaints.

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