LIFE Project: Restoring Active Blanket Bog in Ireland

LIFE Project Number: LIFE02 NAT/IRL/8490

Covering the project activities from 01.07.2002 (project starting date) to 31.12.2007

Reporting Date: 31/03/2008

Data Project
Project location Ireland
Project start date: 01/07/2002
Project end date: 31/12/2007
Total Project duration (in months): 66 months
Total budget €4,195,693
EC contribution: €3,146,770
(%) of total costs 75%
(%) of eligible costs 75%
Beneficiary: Coillte Teoranta [The Irish Forestry Board]

The principal project objectives were to restore up to 1,989.0ha of blanket bog on 20 sites to a favourable conservation status and, in particular, to extend the area of blanket bog by means of tree removal, so that the area free from the effects of afforestation would be enlarged by up to 982.27ha thereby increasing the likelihood of recolonisation with ANNEX 1 habitat type species. This objective was to be further facilitated by the blocking of drains on up to 1,556.7ha of cleared or open bog areas.

Additional project objectives were to reverse the effects of overgrazing through the fencing of 555.4 of open bog areas, and to remove naturally regenerated trees from open bog areas on an as required basis. Broader objectives were to demonstrate and interpret the techniques of bogland restoration on afforested sites, principally tree removal and drain blocking, to as wide as possible an audience but particularly to the foresters who are managing these areas and to increase current knowledge in the area of afforested bogland restoration through the dissemination of project results in Ireland and internationally.

Final report:

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