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EPA Offices




Coal Restricted Areas

AIR EMEP Monitoring Sites

Air Monitoring Sites

AIR NO2 – Modelled NO2 Dublin

AIR PM10 – Modelled PM10 Dublin

AIR PM2.5 – Modelled PM2.5 Dublin

Air Zones

National Ambient Air Quality Sites

Air Quality Index Regions

Sites and Monuments

Counties Generalised

Local Authorities Generalised

Local Authorities

Settlements Generalised

PRTR: All PRTR Sectors

Bathing Water Quality

Significant Pressures – Certs of Authorisations

Coastal – High Probability

Coastal – Low Probability

Coastal – Medium Probability

Coastal Waterbody WFD Latest Status

Canals Ecological Potential 2010-2015

Canals Ecological Potential 2013-2018

Canal Waterbodies Risk – Cycle 2

Canal Waterbodies Risk

Chemical Monitoring Points

Dump Site Boundaries

Townlands in DWWTS High Status Area grant scheme

EPA Drinking Water Remedial Action List

GSI Bedrock Aquifer

GSI Gravel Aquifer

GSI Bedrock Geology 1 Million

GSI Rock Unit Groups

GSI Vulnerability

GSI Bedrock Faults 100k

GSI Bedrock Polygons 100k

GSI Public Supply Source Protection Areas

Ground Waterbody WFD Latest Status


HYDRO Catchments

River Flow Estimates – Hydrotool

Coastal Waterbody High Status Objective

Lake Waterbody High Status Objective

River Waterbody High Status Objective

Transitional Waterbody High Status Objective

Significant Pressures – IEL Facilities

INSPIRE Register of Protected Areas – Salmonid Water Regs River Waterbodies (WFD RBMP Cycle 2)

Significant Pressures – IPC Facilities

Licensed Peat Extraction Installation Boundary

IPPC Boundary

IPPC Emission Points

IPPC Facility Details

IPPC Monitoring Points

Corine 2000

Corine 2006

Corine 2012

Corine 2018

Corine 1990

Corine Change 2006 – 2012

Corine Change 2012 – 2018

Corine Change 2000 – 2006

Corine Change 1990 – 2000

UWW Snapped Emission Points

UWW Emission Points

Bathing Water Areas

Certs of Authorisation Locations (<500pe)



IPPC, IPC and IEL Facilities

UWW Plant Locations (>500pe)

UWWT Plant Compliance

Waste Facilities

Extractive Industries Registered Sites

Lake Waterbody WFD Latest Status

Seascape Character Areas

Seascape Character Type

Seascapes – Land with Sea Views

Seascapes – Sea Surface Visible from Land

MCP Facility Locations

Mine Geological Linear Features

Mine Other Waste Areas

Point Mine Features

Mine Site Boundaries

Mine District

Mine Site Features

Mines Solid Waste Analyses

Mines Solid Waste Heaps

Mines Stream Sediment Analyses

Linear Mine Features

Mines Water Analyses (Summer)

Mine Linear Waste Features

Mine Point Waste Features

Mine Water Linear

Mine Point Water Features

Mine Water Analyses (Winter)

Historical S.E. Chemical Data

Historical Groundwater Quality 2003-2005

Hydrometric Gauges

Latest River Q Values

National Water Monitoring Stations

River Q Values 1971-2020

River Q-Values 2004-2020

Zone of Subsidence

Mine Site Location

NFGWS Group Scheme Source Protection Areas

Noise Round 2 Airport – Day

Noise Round 2 Airport – Night

Noise Round 2 Rail – Day

Noise Round 2 Rail – Night

Noise Round 2 Road – Day

Noise Round 2 Road – Night

Noise Round 1 – Airport

Noise Round 1 – Dublin Agglomeration

Noise Round 1 – NRA

Noise Round 1 – Rail

Noise Round 3 Airport – Lden

Noise Round 3 Airport – Lnight

Noise Round 3 Rail – Lden

Noise Round 3 Rail – Lnight

Noise Round 3 Road – Lden

Noise Round 3 Road – Lnight


PIP-P Flow Delivery Paths

Pollution Impact Potential – Nitrate (PIP-N)

Pollution Impact Potential – Phosphorus (PIP-P)

PIP-P Flow Delivery Points

Large Towns

Medium Towns

Small Towns

Natural Heritage Areas

S.A.C – Latest Cycle

S.P.A – Latest Cycle

N.I. Marine Conservation Zones

N. I. S.A.C.

N.I. S.P.A.



SAC with Water Dependent Habitats/Species – Dec 2018

SAC – Sep 2016


SPA with Water Dependent Habitats/Species – Dec 2018

SPA – Sep 2016

PRTR: Animal and vegetable products from the food and beverage sector

PRTR: Chemical industry

PRTR: Energy sector

PRTR: Intensive livestock production and aquaculture

PRTR: Mineral industry

PRTR: Other activities

PRTR: Paper and wood production and processing

PRTR: Production and processing of metals

PRTR: Waste and waste water management

Radiation Monitoring

Radon Map pre May 2022

INSPIRE Water Framework Directive Groundwater Waterbody

INSPIRE Water Framework Directive River Basin Districts

INSPIRE Water Framework Directive River Waterbodies

INSPIRE Water Framework Directive Coastal Waterbody

INSPIRE Water Framework Directive Lake Waterbody

INSPIRE Water Framework Directive Transitional Waterbody

River – High Probability

River – Low Probability

River – Medium Probability

River Waterbody WFD Latest Status

All EPA Priority Urban Areas

Impacting on Bathing Water

Sewage Treatment <500pe

Failing to meet EU Sewage Treatment Standards

Key Pressure on Rivers or Lakes

Improvement needed to protect Pearl Mussels

Improvement needed to protect Shellfish Waters

Raw Sewage

Discharge Locations

Sewage Treatment >500pe

National Soils Hydrology Map

National Soils

SIS National Soils



Transitional Waterbody WFD Latest Status

UWWT Agglomeration Boundaries

Waste Boundary

River Catchments (1958)

Hydrometric Area

River Basins (1958)

Flow Network (Indicative)

River Flow Direction


INSPIRE Water Framework Directive River Network Routes

WFD Areas For Action Plans

WFD Areas for Action – Cycle 2

WFD Areas For Action

Catchment Projects

Near Surface Nitrate Susceptibility

Near Surface Phosphate Susceptibility

Sub Surface Nitrate Susceptibility

Coastal Waterbodies – Cycle 2

Coastal Waterbodies

Coastal Waterbody WFD Status 2007-2009

Coastal Waterbody WFD Status 2010-2012

Coastal Waterbody WFD Status 2010-2015

Coastal Waterbody WFD Status 2013-2018

Coastal Waterbodies Risk – Cycle 2

Coastal Waterbodies Risk

Canal Waterbodies – Cycle 2

Canal Waterbodies

Waterways Ireland Canals

WFD Catchments

Coastal Water Quality 2018-2020

Coastal Waterbody Score 2008

Salmonid River Regs (S.I. 293 only) – Latest Cycle

Ground waterbodies – Cycle 2

Ground Waterbodies

GW Ammonium Concentrate 2014

Ground Waterbody WFD Status 2007-2012

Ground Waterbody WFD Status 2010-2015

Ground Waterbody WFD Status 2013-2018

Ground Waterbodies Risk – Cycle 2

Ground Waterbodies Risk

Groundwater Abstractions Pressures

Groundwater Agriculture Pressures

Groundwater Anthropogenic Pressures

Groundwater Aquaculture Pressures

Groundwater Atmospheric Pressures

Groundwater Domestic Waste Water Pressures

Groundwater Extractive Industry Pressures

Groundwater Forestry Pressures

Groundwater Historically Polluted Site Pressures

Groundwater Hydromorphology Pressures

Groundwater Industry Pressures

Groundwater Invasive Specie Pressures

Groundwater Other Anthropogenic Pressures

Groundwater Urban Run Off Pressures

Groundwater Urban Waste Water Pressures

Groundwater Waste Pressures

Groundwater Water Treatment Pressures

GW Max Faecal Coliform 2014

GW Nitrate Concentration 2014

GW Phosphate Concentration 2014

GW Ammonium Concentration 2007 – 2009

WFD GW Quality Max Faecal Coliform 2007-2009

GW Nitrate Concentration 2007 – 2009

GW Phosphate Concentration 2007 – 2009

Groundwater Waterbody Score 2008


Lake Water Quality 2007-2009

Lake Waterbodies

Lake and TRaC Abstractions Pressures

Lake and TRaC Agriculture Pressures

Lake and TRaC Anthropogenic Pressures

Lake and TRaC Aquaculture Pressures

Lake and TRaC Atmospheric Pressures

Lake and TRaC Domestic Waste Water Pressures

Lake and TRaC Extractive Industry Pressures

Lake and TRaC Forestry Pressures

Lake and TRaC Historically Polluted Site Pressures

Lake and TRaC Hydromorphology Pressures

Lake and TRaC Industry Pressures

Lake and TRaC Invasive Species Pressures

Lake and TRaC Other Anthropogenic Pressures

Lake and TRaC Urban Run-off Pressures

Lake and TRaC Urban Waste Water Pressures

Lake and TRaC Waste Pressures

Lake and TRaC Water Treatment Pressures

WFD Lake Waterbody Status 2007-2009

Lake Waterbody WFD Status 2010-2012

Lake Waterbody WFD Status 2010-2015

Lake Waterbody WFD Status 2013-2018

Lake Waterbodies Risk – Cycle 2

Lake Waterbodies Risk

Lake Waterbodies – Cycle 2

Lake Waterbody Score 2008

River Basin District

River Waterbodies

Margaritifera Habitat Classification

Margaritifera SAC Catchment

Margaritifera Sensitive Areas

Bathing Water Catchment

Groundwater in Bathing Locations

Surface Waters in Bathing Locations

Bathing Water Areas – Dec 2018

Bathing Water Areas – Sep 2016

INSPIRE Water Framework Directive RPA Bathing Water Areas

Drinking Water – Groundwater

Drinking Water – Groundwater – Dec 2018

Drinking Water – Groundwater – Sep 2016

Drinking Water – Rivers

Drinking Water – Rivers – Dec 2018

Drinking Water – Rivers – Sep 2016

Drinking Water – Lakes

Drinking Water – Lakes – Dec 2018

Drinking Water – Lakes – Sep 2016

INSPIRE Water Framework Directive RPA Drinking Water GWB

INSPIRE Water Framework Directive RPA Drinking Water SWB

Bathing Water Areas – Latest Cycle

Drinking Water – Groundwater – Latest Cycle

Drinking Water – Rivers – Latest Cycle

Drinking Water – Lakes – Latest Cycle

Nutrient Sensitive Areas – Lakes and Estuaries – Latest Cycle

Nutrient Sensitive Areas – Rivers – Latest Cycle

Shellfish Areas – Latest Cycle

Nutrient Sensitive Areas – Catchments of Interest

Groundwater in Nutrient Sensitive Areas

Rivers in Nutrient Sensitive Areas

Surface Water in Nutrient Sensitive Areas

Nutrient Sensitive Areas – Lakes and Estuaries

Nutrient Sensitive Areas – Lakes and Estuaries – Dec 2018

Nutrient Sensitive Areas – Lakes and Estuaries – Sep 2016

Nutrient Sensitive Areas – Rivers

Nutrient Sensitive Areas – Rivers – Dec 2018

Nutrient Sensitive Areas – Rivers – Sep 2016

Nutrient Sensitive Areas – Points

Groundwater in SAC Habitats

Rivers in SAC Habitats

Surface Waters in SAC Habitats

Groundwater in SAC Species

Rivers in SAC Species

Surface Waters in SAC Species

Groundwater in Salmonid Regs

Rivers in Salmonid Regs

Surface Waters in Salmonid Regs

Shellfish Areas

Groundwater in Shellfish Areas

Rivers in Shellfish Areas

Surface Waters in Shellfish Areas

Shellfish Areas – Dec 2018

Shellfish Areas – Sep 2016

Groundwater in SPA Habitats

Rivers in SPA Habitats

Surface Waters in SPA Habitats

River Waterbody WFD Status 2007-2009

River Water Quality Status: 2010-2012

River Waterbody WFD Status 2010-2015

River Waterbody WFD Status 2013-2018

River Waterbodies Risk – Cycle 2

River Waterbodies Risk

River Abstraction Pressures

River Agriculture Pressures

River Anthropogenic Pressures

River Aquaculture Pressures

River Atmospheric Pressures

River Domestic Waste Water Pressures

River Extractive Industry Pressures

River Forestry Pressures

River Historically Polluted Site Pressures

River Hydromorphology Pressures

River Industry Pressures

River Invasive Species Pressures

River Other Anthropogenic Pressures

River Urban Run Off Pressures

River Urban Waste Water Pressures

River Waste Pressures

River Water Treatment Pressures

WFD River Sub Basins

Radon Map for Workplaces

Radon Risk Map of Ireland

River Waterbodies – Cycle 2

River Waterbodies

River Waterbody Score 2008

Salmonid River Regs (S.I. 293 only)

Salmonid River Regs (S.I. 293 only) – Dec 2018

Salmonid River Regs (S.I. 293 only) – Sep 2016

Section 4 Discharges

WFD SubCatchments

Transitional Waterbodies

Transitional Waterbody WFD Status 2007-2009

Transitional Waterbody WFD Status 2010-2012

Transitional Waterbody WFD Status 2010-2015

Transitional Waterbody WFD Status 2013-2018

Transitional Waterbodies Risk – Cycle 2

Transitional Waterbodies Risk

Transitional Water Quality 2018-2020

Transitional Waterbodies – Cycle 2

Transitional Water Score 2008

Water Management Units

Waste Emission Points

Waste Monitoring Points

Significant Pressures – Urban Waste Water Plant Locations

Significant Pressures – Waste Facilities


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