Waste Water Discharge – Application Form

This is the EPA Form used for the purpose of making an application for a Waste Water Discharge Authorisation under the European Union (Waste Water Discharge) Regulations 2007 to 2020, or for the review of an existing Waste Water Discharge authorisation

It’s useful as it outlines what data the EPA collect on waste water discharges


is it on the EPA Waste Water Priority List?

is it on the EU infringement list?

where is the primary discharge point?

what is the current plant capacity, and the remaining capacity?

is the plant overloaded?

what is are the additional waste inputs eg domestic septic tanks, industrial waste water, leachate, bypass inputs?

is there an accident prevention procedure / emergency response plan?

are there alarms / telemetry on the plant?

is there groundwater monitoring in place?

what measures are in place to prevent unintended discharges?

is the plant identified as a significant pressure on the receiving waters?

have discharges contributed to a deterioration in the quality of the receiving waters?

is there drinking water abstraction downstream of the plant?

location of monitoring stations?

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