Talbotsinch Water Abstraction: River Nore SAC, Water Abstraction and the Kilkenny Potato Farm

AIE request AIE-040-2023

Under the AIE Regs to request any records in relation to NPWS enforcement actions / inspections / inspectors site notes / related correspondence for water abstraction within SACs for potato farming / processing in Kilkenny 

For the purposes of this AIE please consider the years 2020 to 2023 

Consent Form

Environmental Flow Assessments for Irish Rivers

The location of abstraction is within the River Barrow and River Nore SAC (002162) and the River Nore SPA (004233). The qualifying interests of these sites (listed in Appendix I) include a number of aquatic habitats and species.

Activity will abstract water from river

Activity will cause noise.

Placement of pipe and equipment will result in minor level of human disturbance at river edge

Placement of pipe in water may impact on riparian vegetation or cause introduction of invasive species.

Abstraction can result in “bycatch” of aquatic organisms caught in intake pipe, and in particular salmon fry and lamprey juveniles.

Screening for Appropriate Assessment – Screening matrix and Finding of No Significant Effects matrix

Conclusion: Likely significant effects cannot be ruled out. Potentially significant effects found in relation to Salmon, Sea, Brook and River Lamprey (subject to consultation with IFI), floating river vegetation, Crayfish, Otter on the River Barrow and River Nore SAC and Kingfisher on the River Nore SPA. Appropriate Assessment is required.

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