National Enforcement Priorities Progress Report 2022: Carlow Co Co

AIE 10 2023 – NEP Progress Reports 2022

Complaints system in Carlow CoCo

Note: Investigation of complaints in 2022 has resulted in issue of various notices and warnings as well as legal prosecutions which is detailed in the RMCEI Data Return Template 2022 submitted with this Report.

WATER – Pressures from Agriculture (slurry/soiled water collection and storage)

7 inspections were conducted in 2022. Serious problems were found in 3 farmyards resulting in warning letters being issued to 3 farmers

Biosolids / fertilizer spreading

The three primary sources of sludge being spread in Carlow are from [REDACTED]. These supply sludge into County Carlow primarily from the Counties Kildare, Laois, Kilkenny and Dublin.

Approval was granted for the 52 farmers to spread 14,046 tonnes of biosolids from 4 different sources.

Priority was given to the spreading of biosolids in this, a strong, tillage County

Septic tanks

17 full septic tank inspections were completed in County Carlow in 2022

Section 4 trade effluent discharge licences

Water Framework Directive Monitoring

Analysis of results showed continuing high levels of Nitrogen in the at-risk water bodies, indicating the principle source of pollution in County Carlow is from agriculture. This is not surprising considering the high level of tillage land and the small number of septic tank failures.

Farm Inspections


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