National Enforcement Priorities Progress Report 2022: Cork Co Co


Planning applications for agricultural development submitted in 2022 in Cork

114 farms which were determined to be high risk following inspection in 2021 were followed up in 2022 to ensure compliance with the GAP Regs

Inspections were carried out on 15 farms which were cross reported from DAFM to CCC in 2022.

CCC investigated 158 complaints regarding pollution from agriculture in 2022 . 72 warning letters were issued in response to these complaints.

Details of farm inspections & enforcement actions in 2022 are contained in the farm inspections spreadsheet.

An assessment of whether there is adequate slurry/soiled water storage capacity is carried out at all on-farm inspections.

CCC investigated 34 complaints regarding slurry & fertilizer spreading during the closed period in 2022

Septic tanks

59 of the 113 systems inspected in 2022 failed the inspection, (52% non-compliance)

Section 4 trade effluent discharge licence inspections in Limerick

One S4 enforcement file dating from 2018 was closed after 12 Court Appearances.
One licence was reviewed.
One new licence was issued
Two licences ceased to have effect has the development was connected to a public scheme

There is no programme for identifying/resolution of misconnections

Notes: “You are not required to duplicate data that you are submitting though the ‘RMCEI data returns’ or your ‘RMCEI Plan’, which suggests that local authorities submit three things

  1. National Enforcement Priorities Progress Report (plus related casestudies)
  2. RMCEI data returns
  3. RMCEI plan

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