National Enforcement Priorities Progress Report 2022: Limerick City & Co Co


National Environmental Management Information System

Returns Response, Limerick

Governance / System (SugarCRM)

WATER – Pressures from Agriculture (slurry/soiled water collection and storage)

659 farm inspections were carried out in 2022 (includes inspections, re-inspections etc .)

21 cross-compliance reports were forwarded to DAFM for significant breaches of the Good Agricultural Practice for Protection of Waters Regs

Pesticide exceedances were recorded in the River Deel and on the River Feale

WATER – Pressures from Agriculture (slurry and fertiliser spreading)

Limerick County has about 600 high stocked derogation farms mainly in the dairy sector. In 2022, the WFD team inspected 50 of these farms.

Septic Tanks

68 inspections carried out in 2022 (68 full inspections/17 verification inspections) – 37% of full inspections were non-compliant

Section 4 trade discharge licences in Limerick

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